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    Fiko's "Abyssal" has been my go to preset pack for the past months. I instantly get inspired from all the presets and keep on creating new ideas everyday. I highly suggest it to any producer that wants to bring uniqueness to their tracks.

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  • Joel Macintosh

    Without doubt Fiko brings the highest quality sounds in the game. I didn't know how to apply interesting elements in my tracks, but with Fiko's packs I managed to overcome this. Now I don't have any stress finding good sounds because he has it all there !

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  • Raptures

    I don't think I have ever seen sounds of this quality in a preset pack ever before. I can guarantee you that these sounds are a goldmine to all producers. Ever since I have gotten the Abyssal Preset pack my workflow became x10 faster because I know I have good presets from the get go.

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